Inter Stellar Movie Review

Interstellar, possibly the best movie ever directed by the ever so famous, Christopher Nolans. Interstellar tells the story of a distopian future Earth in which humans run out of food and are forced to plant crops. The plot follows a former airforce pilot(Matthew mcconaughey) and his adventure into space. The adventure to space begins after an unmanned drone comes in contact with Cooper (Matthew mcconaughey) and he takes control over it. After a series of events that transpire, Cooper ends up finding one of the very rare NASA facilities(The rest were forced to shut down so teh governement could plant food). Finally, Cooper is asked to go into space to find a planet that is inhabitable for humans. sup

Interstellar was very well put together. The visual effects were stunning. The black hole in the movie was actually modeled off of real theories of what a black hole would look like. There was not onwe thing I did not like about this movie, it was great. I would say this was probably the best movies directed by Christoper Nolan

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